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A celebration of 50 years with Pastor Royce Andrus! Date: November 27, 2022 – December 7, 2022Guided by: Erez Berkovitz View the Tour Group Page Download the Tour Brochure

Lighthouse Sunday Schools begins every Sunday morning at 10am! We love our LCC kids.  

Our summer series is in full swing every Wednesday night! It all starts with the Pastor’s Class at 6:30pm for all of our new LCC members. (Dinner will be served!) 7:30pm begins our general session. See you there! #ilovemychurch #lighthousemilford

CHOSEN students, Hyphen’s, & Young Married’s are so excited to welcome Rev. Joel & Shenae Andrus as the new leaders of the Young Adult Ministries of Lighthouse! Joel, Shenae & their dynamic team are passionate about serving this generation. To those between the age of 12 & 36 at Lighthouse,…